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Your Tenement Memories

We’re creating a record of the urban and social history of our city.

14 Henrietta Street stands in the heart of the city and has witnessed 300 years of social change. By 1911, during its tenement era, more than 100 people were living in the building, and a further 850 people lived on the street.

The stories and memories of the many families that lived in tenement buildings across Dublin are a powerful account of history.

Your Tenement Memories invites the public to share their memories of tenement living as part of an oral history project. We’re making connections with people and the community, to capture the living memories of tenement life in Dublin.

Your Tenement Memories provides a platform to collect these important stories and preserves them for further generations.

This oral history project began in January 2019, with the aim of preserving and sharing the living memories of tenement life in Dublin.

 Your Tenement Memories was awarded a European Heritage Stories grant in 2019 and is supported by the Heritage Council under its Heritage Capacity Fund 2022.