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14 Henrietta Street Memorial of Conveyance 1877


We would like to share with you a unique document, a Memorial of Conveyance for 14 Henrietta Street, dated 10th April 1877 which was kindly presented to us by our Cultural Partner, the Registry of Deeds - read on below...

Memorial of Conveyance No. 1877-018-275, dated 10th April 1877 between Reverend Cecil Frederick Joseph Bourke of Saint Giles Vicarage, Reading, England (first part), Reverend John William Bourke of Opperlane Vicarage, Mountrath, Queens County (second part) Lucy Josepha Maria Bourke and Frances Mary Maria Bourke both of Saint Giles Vicarage, spinsters (third part) and Thomas Vance of Blackrock Lodge, Newtown Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin.

The Memorial recites deeds previous to the year 1798, it was between Mary, Elizabeth and Anne
Francis Gardiner that property was inherited until by 1877 Bourke descendants from Mary then sold
the property to Thomas Vance, freed and discharged by Rev Cecil Bourke of mortgage debts.

The house and premises located in the Parish of St Michan were sold to Vance in consideration of £600, all that and those on the south side of Henrietta St containing at front in breadth 49ft, in breath at rear 48ft 6in and in depth from front to rear 133ft, the property known as 14 Henrietta St. The premises is bounded by Henrietta St to the north, Stable Lane to the south, the east building in possession of Henry Stock and in the west building formerly in possession of Frederick [Parther or Parker?]. The Memorial refers to previous use as the Encumbered Estates Court and then by the government as a Militia Depot.

The deed was registered at 17 minutes past 1 in the afternoon on Tuesday 1st May 1877 and was signed by John W. Burke.