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Christmas in the Tenements


Published 15 December 2023

In collecting memories about life in the Tenements, many past residents and their families shared stories about Christmas.

Tracey Bardon is the Your Tenement Memories Engagement Coordinator at 14 Henrietta Street, who has met and listened to many past residents, and is herself part of a family who lived in a Tenement building, shares some of the stories that she has heard over the years - including Lily's doll, the "brand new" old bicycle and her granny hanging Christmas puddings in her windows.

Making a Museum, is a series of videos that takes a look at some of the key historical research, conservation and restoration work that went in to creating 14 Henrietta Street. In this short film, former tenement residents share with us their memories of life in Dublin's tenements and their memories of special occasions.

View other videos in our Making a Museum series, Remembering the Tenements: Daily life and Remembering the Tenements: The sense of community.

Your Tenement Memories provides a platform to collect these important stories and preserve them for further generations. This oral history project began in January 2019, with the aim of preserving and sharing the living memories of tenement life in Dublin.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in telling your story, please contact us to arrange a chat with a member of our team at memories@14henriettastreet.ie or call us on 01 524 038.