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Teatime Talks are going online

Teatime Talks

Published 18 November 2020

Teatime Talks are going online

Teatime Talks is a series of talks inspired by the history and people of 14 Henrietta Street.

By listening and engaging with historians, experts, former tenement residents, local residents and their families, we continue to uncover and record the history of 14 Henrietta Street. Teatime Talks responds to the things we learn, to highlight hidden histories, elaborate on recurring themes and tell the stories of the house and its people.


Teatime Talk: A Deposed Capital? Dublin, Henrietta Street and the Union with Dr. Timothy Murtagh

When: Wednesday 25th November at 7pm

Where: Online via Zoom

While our circumstances at the moment mean we can't come together in 14 Henrietta Street, we're delighted to host our next talk online.

In the eighteenth century, Dublin had been described as the ‘second city’ of the British Empire: it was home to the Irish Parliament and the elite social world which revolved around it. Yet after 1801, the Act of Union deprived Dublin of its status as a political capital. For many observers, this meant an inevitable decline, as a golden age of Georgian Dublin gave way to a more depressing experience during the Victorian period. Yet how true was this narrative? And what can the story of Henrietta Street tell us about the larger history of nineteenth-century Dublin?

This free talk will show how the story of a single street can help us to explore larger changes in Dublin: its economy, its religious makeup, its politics and its cultural life. It will also look at how Dubliners came to see their own city as the nineteenth century progressed, and how Henrietta Street became part of a larger story about Victorian Dublin.

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How to join us online

The talk will take place online using Zoom, a free online meeting platform. You will need an internet connection and a compatible device (e.g. computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, phone) to access Zoom.

Please note, the Zoom link to the talk is contained in your confirmation email. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling +353 1 524 0383.