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Teatime Talk: The Impact of Education on Deaf Individuals in 19th Century Ireland

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Published 12 March 2024

14 Henrietta Street presents Teatime Talks a series of talks inspired by the history and people of 14 Henrietta Street

By listening and engaging with visitors, historians, experts, local people, former tenement residents and their families, we continue to uncover, record and respond to the 300 year story of 14 Henrietta Street.

This talk will be given in Irish Sign Language and interpreted for hearing audience members. Alvean E. Jones will explore the fascinating world of education for Deaf children in 19th Century Ireland.

Explore how Deaf trades emerged as a means for individuals to contribute meaningfully to society, changing how others viewed them. Discover how education empowered Deaf individuals to become valued members of their communities, at a time when they were often seen as ‘burdens’.

Don't miss this opportunity to uncover the untold stories of resilience, innovation, and social change.

Alvean E. Jones is a member of the Deaf Community with a deep passion for preserving their rich heritage. She studied history as one of her subjects for her primary degree at UCD. Her connection to the Deaf Heritage Centre Ireland has allowed her to contribute meaningfully to this endeavour. In 2016, she had the privilege of co-editing "Through the Arch," a book that honoured the 170th anniversary of St Mary’s School for Deaf Girls. Translating historical articles into Irish Sign Language is a way Alvean tries to bridge the past with the present, and she is honoured to also serve as a museum guide at 14 Henrietta Street.

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This talk will take place in person on the 1st floor of the Museum and can be accessed via lift. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on +353 1 524 0383 or email us at info@14henriettastreet.ie.