14 Henrietta Street | Georgian townhouse to tenement dwelling

Introducing our schools resources

Nominated for European Museum of the Year 2020, 14 Henrietta Street is a social history museum that captures over 300 years of family & city life within the walls of one address. Guided tours bring visitors on a journey from the houses’ grand Georgian beginnings to the tenement dwellings of its later years. Originally built in the 1720s for wealthy Dublin families, by 1911 over 850 people lived on the street, over 100 of those in 14 Henrietta Street.

By connecting to the personal stories and memories of the families who called 14 Henrietta Street home, the building’s hidden histories are revealed.

The stories of the house and the street mirror the story of the people and history of Dublin.

We’re delighted to announce that we have created a new set of Student Resources for teachers in both primary and secondary schools, who would like to learn more about the history of the city.

These resources use history as a starting point and provide an integrated exploration of the curriculum, with four different resource sets for the different school levels - primary school, junior cycle, transition year, and leaving certificate.

You can view all of the Schools Resources here.

The resources including videos, oral histories and downloadable/printable resources have been designed to be flexible and adaptable for all levels and age groups. These resources can be used in the classroom, or at home, and as an extra learning resource before or after a school visit to 14 Henrietta Street.

Visiting the museum

All public tours at 14 Henrietta Street are currently suspended. We look forward to welcoming visitors once again when government guidelines allow. We would like to reassure you that we have been working hard to prepare for your safe return and small group/pod tours will be facilitated.

While we sadly can’t welcome you to the museum right now, we would love for you and your class to explore the history of this unique building in Dublin to learn more about the city, its people and its historical journey. Our flexible, adaptable resources can be used in the classroom, or at home, and as an extra learning resource before or after a school visit to 14 Henrietta Street.

Key highlights of a visit to 14 Henrietta Street include:

  •  Real life stories & memories |​ the personal stories of the residents through the ages
  •  On one of Dublin’s oldest streets​ |​ the most intact collection of Georgian era houses
  •  Award winning restoration project ​ |​ work by expert craftspeople using traditional skills

It really brought the human side of history alive for us ...
School Tour Visitor to 14 Henrietta Street

For all school bookings and to find out more information about our school tours, please contact Gemma Howe on info@14henriettastreet.ie.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Schools Resources too, so if you have any feedback, suggestions or something to share please get in touch with us via info@14henriettastreet.ie

Last updated: 3rd February

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