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14 December 2022

Recordings: Christmas memories from Dublin's Tenement Buildings

14 December 2022

The toys sold in Dublin made by German World War II soldiers

12 October 2022

Our 82 year old new arrival

12 October 2022

Our wallpaper covered Duffy's notebooks

16 August 2022

How Éamonn Mac Thomáis inspired a new generation of historians

04 May 2022

A Day for Memories at 14 Henrietta Street

The sun shone down on Henrietta Street all day yesterday (Tuesday 3 May, 2022) for the first day of Your Tenement Memories.

29 April 2022

From Rivers to Railways: The Northern Surroundings of Henrietta Street

Let's travel back to the 18th century, when a river flowed by Henrietta Street ...

07 March 2022

Tenement Women of 14 Henrietta Street

This International Women’s Day, we consider what life was like for women in the house during the tenement era.

03 March 2022

Georgian Women of 14 Henrietta Street

Tour Guide Sheila Robinson writes about some of the women who lived on Henrietta Street in Georgian times.

02 December 2021

The writing on the wall

Gillian Ryan shares her thoughts about a unique piece of graffiti in the house

01 October 2021

Caring for 14 Henrietta Street

Did you know that the building actually makes up 50% of 14 Henrietta Street’s collection?

15 July 2021

Meet the Team: Tania Desloge

Meet Tania, Collections Coordinator at 14 Henrietta Street.


Do you have memories of Dublin’s tenements? Perhaps you lived in a tenement, or knew someone who did. Maybe you worked in or around the tenement buildings. Whatever your connection, we would like to hear your stories.