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Teatime Talk: The Stained Glass Artist of the Dublin Tenements

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Published 13 May 2024

14 Henrietta Street presents Teatime Talks, a series of talks hosted by social historian Donal Fallon, inspired by the history and people of 14 Henrietta Street.

In this talk, David Caron explores the life and art of Michael Healy, one of Dublin's most foremost stained glass artists. Michael Healy was raised in a Dublin tenement and through a combination of innate talent, hard work and lucky breaks he pulled himself out of grinding poverty.

Ahead of Harry Clarke, Wilhelmina Geddes and Evie Hone, he established the bar for artistic and technical excellence in the exacting craft of stained glass and worked at the world-renowned An Túr Gloine (Tower of Glass) studio for almost four decades.

This talk will explore the highlights of Healy’s stained glass career – windows that convey everything from austere majesty to tender humanity, often revelling in beguiling narrative detail. It will also look at Healy's drawings of inner-city Dubliners.

David Caron is the author of Michael Healy, 1873-1941: An Túr Gloine's Stained Glass Pioneer Book.