14 Henrietta Street | Georgian townhouse to tenement dwelling
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Telling the Stories of 14 Henrietta Street

Your class will develop skills of empathy, synthesis and communication to imagine the thoughts and feelings of people who lived in 14 Henrietta Street over time. Using different mediums, they will retell and communicate these stories and put themselves in the shoes of people in the past.

Working as a historian:

  • Synthesis and Communication 
  • Empathy

Connects to the following strands in the history curriculum:

  • 1st - 2nd class
    When my grandparents were young
  • 3rd - 4th class
    Life in the 18th century
    Life in the 19th century
    Continuity and change over time: Clothes; Homes and houses
  • 5th - 6th class
    Stories from the lives of people in the past
    Life in the 18th century
    Life in the 19th century
    Changing roles of women in 19th and 20th centuries

Subject integration:

  • Music: Listening and responding; Performing
  • Visual arts: Many stories may inspire artistic work
  • Drama: Drama to explore feelings, knowledge and ideas, leading to understanding
  • Geography: Human environments—People living and working in the local area


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