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Primary Schools Teacher Resources

1. Examining evidence

What were games like in the past? Here are some examples of evidence that give you clues about play and games in the tenements:

Oral histories

"What did you used to play?"

"What were the toys like?"

"What time did you come inside?"

Tenement songs and rhymes

A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea

Bluebells, Cockle Shells

1, 2, 3, My Mother caught a Flea


Credit: Ros Kavanagh
Credit: Ros Kavanagh

As a class, talk about these different pieces of evidence:


Playing Piggy Beds

Piggy Beds was a favourite street game for children in the tenements. Learn how to play it below.


You will need:

1. Make your piggy

2. Draw the beds


Task 3: My Museum

Build your own Museum of Games by collecting evidence from the past and present: